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Sunday, 1 October 2017

How to hard/soft reset your xiaomi mi redmi 3s prime.

Xiaomi factory reset,hard reset:simple 10 step by step explanation.

how to unlock your phone forgotten password.

Hi friends this is my first post but not last.In this article techmidroid shares you about how to unlock your phone with simple working 5 steps if password locked or how to hardreset.

If you are not able to open the device. Means, your device locked and you forget the pattern lock. You want to hard reset is the way how to reset xiaomi redmi.

Xiaomi Redmi is a popular budget flagship phone. By this processor and ram specs xiaomi redmi performs very good among the user. However, there is always chance for error during its usage period. However if bad thing happened and your phone got bricked or you found something error or bricked,or locked unfortunately password is forgot then the first thing to do is to reset your phone

I think all of you have already a Redmi and you want to Hard Reset it [or you want to flash the device]. Why I am sharing this article is because recently me too tried to hard reset Xiaomi redmi 3s prime device and faced lots of difficulties.i searched 'how to hardreset xiaomi' there are so many results unfulfilled.i dont find a correct tutorial article.however i flashed or hard reset successfully my phone.i flashed my redmi with its orginal global im sharing my experience and easy way to flash hard reset your redmi.

When my locked i want to unlock my phone or i want to break my lock.firstly i think about go to bootloader (by pressing power botton and volume up bottom) and hardreset from there.unfortunately my bootloader is locked(bootloader is disabled).So its not possible to hard reset from bootloader.because of it i searched how to hard rest xiaomi but the results are not satisfavtory.there os no valid article on this. So i searched on xiaomi forums and from some youtube video i found that it is easy and simply flash by some steps.

So guys you be so bored😇.you guys landed here due to this i providing how to hard reset xiaomi step by step working method.

Before flashing

1. your device will erase all your data, apps, settings, contacts, call history, and many other things
Be sure about that back-up is exists.

How to unlock/hard reset xiaomi redmi.if password is forgotten.

1.Requirements to hard reset xiaomi redmi

1.Windows PC. Windows 10 Recommended.

2.Redmi 3s/Prime device with Micro USB data cable.

3.Xiaomi Mi flash app

4.Rom(use global stable rom for high performance)

2.Steps to hard reset xiaomi redmi

Method 1

1.Make sure that your are downloaded the files which i mwntioned in the requirements.

2. Now power of your device.

3.Hold both the power button and volume+ button for some seconds(about 5-6 secs). An MI logo will appear after that you will see an another screen.Select the ‘download’ option.
(Sometimes it not gone be happen then please read FAQ there is the solution)

4.After pressing the ‘download’ option, your device screen will become blank. this means your device is now on EDL mode. Note this step; this is very important.

5.After that, connect the device to your computer with USB cable.(check that your device is to flash or not.check on ports)

6.Now extract the downloaded files.

7.Install XiaomiMiFlash Tool on your computer. (So now you have ROM [extracted from downloads and Mi Flash tool app])

8.Open MiFlash tool then click on Refresh. Your device will be listed there.(so your device is detected your pc. In bricked condition it maynot detect)

9. Click on the Select button and browse to the extracted ROM folder. (select the ROM folder and click OK)
Then click refresh button once again. then at the right bottom corner you can see a options menu (a blank column; click there). select flash_all_except_data_storage there.

10.Then click on the flash button. It takes some time. After getting the success message, remove your device from computer and turn on your device.

Be amaze...your device is flashed.
You are not try to rool so dont worry you dont lose your warrenty.and you are using stock rom😎


1.After showing mi logo bootloader is not showing.what will i do now?
Ans: Yes in my redmi note 3 i faced this problem.there it shows the sign to connect to the computer using usb is on edl mode.

2.After clicking the ‘Download’ button, the device restarts normally?
Ans:it means that the device is not going to EDL mode. And it is compulsory to boot to EDL mode to continue further steps.
Now to get my device into EDL mode

There are some methods to put your device into EDL mode. The method I followed is like this:
First take one another Micro USB cable [don’t use your original Xiaomi Micro USB cable]. Then cut off it’s plastic cover, and you can see some coloured wires there. Pick the green and black wires.Now take a needle and pierce through the green and black wires. So there will be a contact between green and black wires. Make sure that there is a connection[contact] between the two wires.
 Now switch off your device and connect the new altered Micro USB cable to PC and plug the other end [end which connects to the phone] to your phone. Now wait for 15 seconds[you won’t see anything]. After counting 15, pull away the micro USB cable from the device. Congrats, Now your phone is booted into ‘download’ mode.
Now take the original Xiaomi micro USB cable and connect to the PC and device.

3.Shows “cannot receive hello packet” on Xiaomi Mi flash tool. What should I do now?
Ans:Do uninstall and again install the mi flash tool app. After selecting the ROM’s folder ,select the ‘flash_all_except_data_storage’ option. You are getting above ‘hello packet error’ because you are not selecting this. So it is compulsory.

I hope you understood this article.This methods are i mentioned is personally tested and suvvessfully flashed or hard reseted my xiaomi redmi 3s prime. Please comment your success story.
If you have any doubts or queries regarding this article just comment below i will help you.

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