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Thursday, 19 October 2017

How to solve-fix gallery no thumbnail displayed issue of xiaomi redmi 3s/3s prime

How to solve-fix gallery no thumbnail displayed issue of xiaomi redmi 3s/3s prime[not rooted]

Now i introducing the simple step by step procedure to solve gallery thumbnail issue.from experience and my research i know quick workable solution to gallery thumbnail issue of redmi 3s prime.

Thumbnail give result

Today im very glad to inform you about my next post is about xiaomi redmi gallery issues and have a redmi 3s/prime device.when you opening the default gallery there is no thumbnails or only thumbnails of 1 -3.Here techmidroid providing the exact solution for this problem.

Xiaomi Redmi is a popular budget flagship phone. By this processor and ram specs xiaomi redmi performs very good among the user. However, there is always chance for error during its usage period. Yes unfortunately xiaomi shows no thumbnails issue...however i give you the all possible solutions to fix this problem.

I think all of you facing this problem till now.why i am sharing this article is recently i too experienced this problem that no thumbnails are displayed.also when opening video it seems a lot of time and it shows loading gesture for a long time.i searched "how to fix no thumbnail issue on redmi 3s". There are so many unfulfilled articles.i dont find a correct tutorial tutorial.however i found the solution from my own research and some mi forums.

I think my problem was about caches cookies extra...but wiping it doesnt fix my problem then i tried reseting my phone after backuped my data... Unfortunately it doesnt helped...then i turn update to latest rom however it also failed then  atlast found the solution and that what i am goving share with you.

So you guys bored??. You guys landed here with this i'm providing how to fix no thumbnail issue.

Before this method

1. You showed conform that your device is not affected by a virus

2. Your devices is not a rooted one.(this issue by root can't fix by this method however they can try)

3. You be sure that you device have sufficient space

Steps to fix

1. Go to settings then installed apps then gallery
Scroll down and clear the cache files almost problem fixes by this

2. Go to settings then installed apps below the screen defaults for galley set google photos as default.

Woow.yes your no thumbnail issue is fixed.

I hope you understood this article.This methods are i mentioned is personally tested and successfulled. Please comment your success story.
If you have any doubts or queries regarding this article just comment below i will help you.