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Saturday, 13 May 2017

Which is better smart phone company - Xiaomi or Motorola.

Which is better smart phone company - Xiaomi or Motorola.

Hi friends today my article is surely about xiaomi and motorola. Now all the technical crazy friends together asking same question which is better smart phone company - Xiaomi or Motorola.

Yes i have the answer which is better smartphone company motorola or xiaomi. I think some of my friends question have a change that which company is taked indian market now.No one gave them a chance in the Indian market when entered back in 2014.They stood up in the market with their magical innovative business Technics and grabbed the attention of Indian consumers by some cunnings. At the same time, they dethroned the homegrown smartphone brand, Micromax 😯.

Today I'm present this article infront of you to talk some more described detail and flashback of these companies. We all know that the fact is these two companies are fighting each in tele market now. These two mobile companies are entered the country at the same time. They conquered the market battling against each other. They are now amongst the top three smartphone brands in India. Now the battle is continuing for which will be the second position.

Lets look out what the condition of these companies. According to the IDC data released, Xiaomi is the new number two holding a market share of 10.7 percent, only next to Samsung. To next to Xiaomi Lenovo and motorola are in third position, eyeing for the second position. xiaomi's success is come from redmi series on 2014 whereas Motorola has been successful in India with the Moto G series.

Keep a look.

Moto G
From my experience at 2014. Motorola launched the first Moto G smartphones and gave a glimpse to Indians on the online shopping by selling the smartphone via Flipkart.com. I'm one the person among the queue to grab the phone on the launch date itself. As a result, Flipkart received an outrage of their servers, and the phone went out of stock in seconds. The trend of moto is still continuing with the recently launched Moto G5 Plus.

Xiaomi made a grand entry to India few months after Motorola’s entry. Xiaomi announced the popular Xiaomi Mi 3 flagship phone for Rs. 13,999. I still remember how people went berserk for the Mi 3 as it was sold through online only, Same as Motorola. But with flash sales model,Xiaomi which is entirely different from Motorola’s business model. There is the exact success.

Why moto g series and xiaomi redmi series?
Well, the simple answer from me is they offer incredible specifications at cutthroat pricing and importantly better ‘value for money’.

Don't miss this words...

The battle between both the vendors is still going on. Xiaomi launched their latest Redmi smartphone, the Redmi Note 4 in India in January 2017. Motorola, two weeks ago, launched the Moto G5 plus in india. Both the phones share a similar set of specifications, but Moto G5 Plus is priced tag higher. Nonetheless, people are still getting the phone.
Xiaomi concentrated in delivering an all rounder. The same time Motorola had gone with the camera-centric phone in 2015. Huge benefit of Motorola phones is that they ship with stock Android, whereas Xiaomi phones ship with MIUI, one of the features rich and heavily skinned Android version. Xiaomi’s Redmi Note 3 was the best budget smartphone in 2015, but the Moto G4 Plus outsmarted it by offering the best camera in the segment.
Motorola is going neck-on-neck in the budget segment with Xiaomi, but the former is way ahead of the latter in the flagship segment. Xiaomi not have much success in the country with their flagship phone Xiaomi Mi 5, and they never publicly announced how many units they sold. Motorola is everywhere- the company has the Moto Z Play is the upper mid-range segment and Moto Z in the flagship department and they are innovative as well with the modular design.

Xiaomi is preparing to launch the Mi 6 in April and Moto will unveil their flagship, Moto Z (2017) series of phones in May 2017.
Both the Motorola and Xiaomi has the presence in entry-level segment as well. The Moto E3 Play, priced at Rs. 7,999 was the first Moto phone to ship with MediaTek chipset. The company claimed that they have sold over one lakh units on the lauch day itself. Xiaomi has the Redmi 3s and the much recent, Redmi 4A in the entry-level segment. The Xiaomi 4A is currently the best value for money option available. However, Motorola is doing a good job in this segment as well. And the Moto G5 is yet to land in India. If Motorola manages to keep the Moto G5 under Rs. 7,000, it will give a healthy competition to the Redmi 4A and Redmi 3s.
Currently, both the brands are having a dream run in the country with every smartphone grabbing the attention of the consumers, but Motorola one step ahead with their offerings when compared to Xiaomi. I think Xiaomi is lagging behind Motorola in the department of flagship. If Xiaomi delivers an innovative Xioami Mi 6, they will further strengthen their portfolio in the country.i thick soon these companies may dethrone Samsung within two years from now.

This is my last section of my article
Votes of users from warcircle.com
Motorola is a better company than Xiaomi
Pankaj's view
Motorola has history, Xiaomi is just beginning
Motorola created the mobile phones. Xiaomi just followed what's already being done.
Motorola of still innovating, Xiaomi is giving their version of what's already there (Moto Z's modularity and shattersheild)
Best software optimization and enhancement in the market (Moto may have the edge but Xiaomi is not that bad either
These are my views.

Feroz khan view

Xiaomi put many smartphone companies in shame launching high-end smartphones at mid-range price. They also use more powerful battery in their smartphones compared to other companies that also attracts many users. In a way, Xiaomi is quickly becoming the new Samsung by adopting Samsung's strategy of copying Apple. But Xiaomi is doing it better than Samsung because it sells attractive phones with better build quality for next to nothing.

All users have their own views so we cant  surely talk about which one is better. Each phone have their own specs. In my view i strongly recommend Xiaomi.

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