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Saturday, 13 May 2017

Xiaomi 4a User Review:First user review 2017

Xiaomi redmi mi 4a User Review:First user review 2017.

After a couple of days we decided to post article of user review of first opening of xiaomi redmi mi 4a and user experience.
Okay friends we today writyen this post about the user review about xiaomi redmi mi4a. Before that i'm going to present the key features, pros and cons by its specifications.
My friend is a user of xiaomi redmi 4a thats why i'm writing this article for you. Some of my friends asked through fb what are the user review and experience about xiaomi redmi 4a.that time i searched and collected some users personal experience by personal contact.thats are we are providing in this article.

Before that we discussing about specification review(pros and cons)


You can refer specification we just noting 2 or more.
* Small and light
* Volte support
* Easy to use with one hand
* Decent battery life
* Good build quality
* Infrared sensor
* Competative pricing


This is not exact user review

* Hybrid dual sim slot
* Camera performance could be better
*  Usable internal storage is less
* Missing 2100 band in some circle missing vodafone 4g
* No fastcharging option

Let move to user opinions
This is one of my friend experience please look ahead:
""Not one or two, here are four concrete reasons to buy the Xiaomi Redmi 4A"Chinese conglomerate Xiaomi recently took the covers off its most affordable offering in India - the Redmi 4A (first impressions). With this launch, the brand is expected to get an even tighter hold of the budget segment, despite the fact that it already has some popular devices like the Redmi 3S and 3S Prime (review ), as well as the Redmi Note 4 (review). However, the Redmi 4A is different. It may very well turn out to be the first smartphone for many users, which leads us to an interesting question - what's so special in the Redmi 4A?We put on our thinking caps and found not one, but four concrete reasons to buy the Redmi 4A.Design - one of the best at its price
Even though it might look like a metal bodied smartphone, the Xiaomi Redmi 4A actually uses a plastic back. However, the brand has done a commendable job of making the plastic back look and feel like metal, thereby giving the phone a much better in-hand feel without affecting the price much. A compact 5-inch 720p screen with slim side bezels, a flush camera and a back that curves on the sides for a better grip are a few reasons why the Redmi 4A scores big on design.Software - MIUI 8 all the way
One of the characteristics of a Xiaomi phone is its software, and the Redmi 4A is no different. It runs on Android Marshmallow with MIUI 8 on top. The brand's custom UI brings with it a plethora of features and customisation options including themes, vibrant colours, and smooth animations. Other features like Quick ball, long screenshots and one-hand mode further add to the ease of use. In a nutshell, Xiaomi's MIUI is one of the finest OEM skins from a Chinese manufacturer.Hardware - enough power to keep things running
Despite it being an entry level device, Xiaomi has stuffed the Redmi 4A with some decent hardware. The smartphone is powered by a quad-core Snapdragon 425 SoC, aided by an Adreno 308 GPU and 2-gigs of RAM. Add to that the compact 5-inch HD display, and the Redmi 4A seems quite loaded for its price. The infrared blaster makes a reappearance, meaning the phone can be used to control other devices, while the presence of necessary sensors like a gyroscope make sure you don't miss out on awesome VR content.Cameras - more megapixels
The inclusion of a 13MP rear camera, as well as a 5MP front camera means that the Redmi 4A essentially flaunts the same camera setup as seen on the Redmi 3S Prime. In our camera review of the Redmi 3S Prime, we found that the camera was capable of taking detailed snaps in good lighting conditions. The selfie camera isn't half bad either. In fact, additional features like filters in Xiaomi's camera app further strengthen the camera experience of the device.Bonus point. What gives the Redmi 4A an 'A grade' is its disrupting pricing. At a price of just Rs 5,999, the smartphone packs in quite a punch when we talk about the hardware. In fact, if things go right, the Redmi 4A might spur up the competition in the entry-level smartphone segment to an all new high""

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