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Friday, 12 May 2017

Feature review | Miui 8 tricks and tips.

Feature review | Miui 8 tricks and tips

Hi friends,

Today i gonna show you how amazing that you mi device is. Friends i think most of my viewers are xiaomi users and tiday i made this article to show the secrets hide in your global stable rom.

Key feature of  miui 8

1. Switches in search​ results

2. Autostart management of system apps

3. Private notification ( hide notification content)

4. Album rename in gallery and discount calculator

5. Modified Music app

6. New design of calender and reminder

7. Text Editing In Photo Editor

8. Local Search in Music Player & Return Of Recovery UI

9. Separate Dual App Lock - Enhanced Privacy

10. Panic Button: Your Emergency Saviour

11. Import Birthdays: Hassle-Free Remembrance and Hotspot Changes

12. Controllable Hotspot & All Actionable Toggles

13. Font Feature is Back, Merry Christmas!

14. Launcher Settings and Swipe to Remove Lock Screen Notification

15. MIUI Music Player: Redesigned Now Playing Page & More

16. Privacy Protection Password - Your Unified Privacy Option

17. Automated Tasks - Customized Tasks At Your Customized Ease

These are the key features of miui 8. We are on the work of making review of all of these features. So we are collecting user experience of each of one who using this rom. Be explain your experience so as i can finish my work guys...

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