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Friday, 12 May 2017

MIUI Feature Tutorial The Best Feature of MIUI 8 ( Quick Ball )

[ MIUI Feature Tutorial ] The Best Feature of MIUI 8 ( Quick Ball )

Today ,

I am introducing One of My favorite feature byMIUI 8 .....

Quick Ball feature

Do you Know Quick ball is one of amazing feature By MIUI 8 ?

Quick ball is a feature called touch assistant with combination of Five Unique Shortcut .In Simple Language we calls floating Gesture .This feature help us to make our smartphone more faster than usual , introduce the fastest Speed & also help us to save Our Important time .We can customize these shortcuts on the settings. Quick Ball is aimed to give us easy access to Our Favourite ( frequently usage ) Content & Apps .Quick Ball is a floating gesture we can be placed anywhere On screen .This article will help you to Learn more of Quick Ball with Enabling All Features .Here Two Screen is available for you .
  1st Smartphone . 2nd Tab/Zoom view .
Learn : (1) Enabling Quick Ball feature ,
(2) Add your Own( Favourite) Shorcuts  ,
(3) Set Preferred gesture ,
(4) Move aside when fullscreen ,
 (5) Hide Quick Ball ( Hidden Feature ) .

Most Attractive is We can access Quick Ball even Screen Lock enabled ( fantastic )

No need to unlock every time to access Quick Ball .
    ( You can use Screenshot , Torch , Bluetooth , Wi-Fi Option even screen is locked )

This give us a new way to achieve Our favourite in Faster .

Quick Ball is most favourite feature of Global users .

  It's Time to Learn :

  How To Enable & use This Feature ?

Follow me Step by By Step

1st Step :

  Now go to your Phones's "Settings" , Scroll Down & Click On "Additonal Setting" of Your Xiaomi smartphone .
Quickball feature tutorial
Quick ball tutorial

  Tip : You can go to Direct QUICK BALL By Search Bar , Just Type " Quick Ball " on Search bar . ( Here no need to follow long Process )

2nd Step :

  Now you can see this "QUICK BALL" option .
Quickball feature tutorial

  Now Click on It .

  3rd Step :

   Tap on "Turn on Quick Ball" option .
Quickball feature tutorial

   An Small Ball will be appear on Screen .

  Note : if you can see left side blue button & An Small ball it's mean you success to start QUICK BALL Feature .

  Feel grate now you enabled Quick Ball

Now you will get An Overlay with New Five Shortcuts .This Default five Shortcuts inclued Home, back, recents, lock, screenshot .You can customize this Quick Ball to Add your Favourite Shortcuts & Apps .You can hide this Quick Ball ( Hidden feature )set your preferred gesture to launch it ( How to Customize ? Explained Below ) .You can also enable Quick Ball to show up on the lock screen .

  How to add your own Shorcuts & apps to Quick Ball Or Customize ?

(1) Step :

     Please go to (1) setting , (2) additonal Setting , (3) Quick Ball .

     You can Skip it to go Through Search .


(2) Step :

  Now tap on Select "shortcuts" & Select Anyone Content That you wish for Your Shorcut .

Quickball feature tutorial

( B ) Tap on any Five Default "shorcuts" ( Ex. : Home )

  ( C ) Select any shorcut Or App for your Shorcut . ( ex : Bluetooth , Rotate off )

This clicked icon will appear on your Five Shoruct in Select Shortcut Option .

You can choose your Own five Shorcuts By same Process .

NOTE : If you see this type Lower black coloured option it's mean this option already chosen in one of five shorcut ,

Now you can't choose these content on this shorcut .

if you wish to choose one of these option than first unchoose this option in another shorcut of five shorcut .

How to set preferred Quick Ball gesture ?

1st Step :

You can choose Quick Ball gesture either "swipe" or "tap" by selecting preferred gesture .

(B) If you Choose "Swipe" than You need to Tap on Quick Ball & Hold to Place Quick Ball anywhere .

(C) If you Choose "Tap" than You can Move Quick Ball anywhere without Holding .

Note : Preferred gesture allows you to set how to work Quick Ball either "Swipe" Or "Tap" .

Enable Move aside when Fullscreen !

1st Step :

   Go to "Quick Ball" .

2nd Step :

  Click On "Move aside when fullscreen" .


Enable Show on Lockscreen !

1st Step :

Go to "Quick Ball" Setting .

2nd Step :

Click on "Show on Lockscreen" .

Restore Default Quick Ball Setting !

1st Step :

      Go to "Quick Ball Setting" .

2nd Step :

      Click on "Restore Default" .


Note : Only Apply when you think you made something wrong Custmization in Quick Ball Settings

          Or You want to restore settings of Quick Ball to Defaults .

You can hide your Quick Ball By follow this Step .( Hidden feature )
1st Step :     Go to "Quick Ball" Setting .
2nd Step :
    click on "Hide Automatically" .

  Note : To apply this your "Quick Ball" will be hide in these selected app .
           Why we required to hide Quick Ball in Any App ?        
 For Example : You are playing game with full-screen with on screen buttions .
                when you wants & click any button behind
                Quick Ball than Quick Ball shorcut will be open Instead of apply Clicked Button .
          This Will Create Disturbance .

I hope this Tutorial will help You

If not Then Reply Me with your Questions

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