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Friday, 12 May 2017

How To Unlock Bootloader :Easy step by step formula How To Unlock Bootloader Of Any Xiaomi Phone With Mi Unlock Tool

How To Unlock Bootloader :How To Unlock Bootloader Of Any Xiaomi Phone With Mi Unlock Tool

How to unlock bootloader?..
Yes today we are sharing the step by step process how to unlock bootloader. As you all know Xiaomi phones come with a locked bootloader.

Device with locked bootloader means that you are not allowed flash Fastboot ROM as well as third party custom ROM. So for developers and other superusers they have to unlock the bootloader.

Here we are providing you easy 10 step by step guide to unlock bootloader using mi unlock tool.

Step 1:

Open browser and visit official website.

It is official so you are safe from the hackers.

Step 2:

Click unlock now button, you will get directed to login page.
 You guys are might see a unknown language. So just click english and Put your MI login credential here.

Step 3:

Fill in all details mentioned as given in below image. Don’t forget to give a proper reason for unlocking (Don’t copy & paste available reasons on the internet as it is). Also, submit correct phone number.

Step 4:

Once you submit a request you will get a message something like this. Be should wait for a confirmation message from Xiaomi for approval of the request.

Step 5:

Click here to download Mi Unlock Tool. After downloading install it on your PC.

Step 6:

Ensure you have logged into your Device with the same account for which you have granted unlocking permission.

Step 7:

 Power off your device, then press + hold power key & volume down key for few second and then release them, it will help you to enter into “Fastboot Mode” on the device.

Step 8:

Now run MI Unlock tool with administrative privileges on your windows PC,
 sign into unlocking tool with the same credential for which you got unlock permission and with which you have signed into your device.

Step 9:

Be sure you are connected to the internet as unlock tool will check your account permission with servers and then go to next window as shown below.

Step 10:

Now connect your USB cable one end to your PC USB port and other port to your device which is in Fastboot mode.

Step 11:

Once your phone get connected to unlock tool, hit unlock button at the bottom of the tool, it will verify few details while progressing and eventually your device will be unlocked. This process will take 10-15 seconds after which you will be having your device unlocked.
Then hit reboot phone button, your phone will be rebooted with bootloader unlocked.

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