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Sunday, 27 August 2017

Galaxy Note 8 ! Is It The Phone For You?

                       This is an overview and our opinion about the newly released galaxy note 8.This is not a detailed review and we wont be discussing much about the specs..

                       The samsung galaxy note edition has always been  an exciting product in the market until last year after several note 7 have exploded and caused serious  concern among the note users.
since then there had been rumor's that the note series will be discontinued and  later Samsung also released a galaxy note fan edition for all those who were disappointed by note 7 recall.But after all that fuzz Samsung is back in the field with the new galaxy note 8.

galaxy s8 plus

What Samsung has this year 

                                  The new Samsung galaxy note 8 has all the latest and greatest features you can think of  it has the best screen in the market .The best performing hardware you can hope then there is the S pen which is an awesome gadget when paired with the note. The new s pen is all good and awesome to write with .Then there is the always on display feature with quick memo you can use without even unlocking your device.It also has all the note features all the note fans always loved.

           The most headlining feature this year is the dual camera system which is first in any Samsung phone . Both the lenses has got optical image stabilization and are of 12MP each  which will help to capture better images.The secondary lens is a 2X zoom lens and also helps to capture awesome portrait shots by capturing two images  simultaneously which can be used to attain the dept of field effect.

galaxy s8 plus


                          Note 8 is an awesome phone but like every other phone in the market it is not perfect.
The finger print sensor is at the back near to the camera which makes it difficult to reach without looking at it .The battery isn't that great  there is no way you can live a day without charging your phone.Which is bad news.The biggest issue is the price  the phone costs about 1000 USD which is too much for a phone. 
galaxy s8 plus

                       Also still there is the bixby button which no one except Samsung cares about.It
is a waste of space and its no were near its opponents like google, Siri or Alexa..

galaxy s8 plus

                              Another point to note here is that the galaxy S8 plus has most of the features note 8 has but the price difference  between two phones is really huge.which is really hard to justify .

                       So should you get a galaxy note 8. Well i would say if you are a hardcore fan of the note edition then i would say  you should get the note else i would say go with S8 plus which is an awesome phone and the money you will be saving will be huge.

So what do you think about the new galaxy note 8 would you spend 1000 dollars on a smartphone.Let us know in the comment section below....Thanks for visiting see you next time.  😃😃😃

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