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Wednesday, 30 August 2017

IPhone 8 Rumors And Leaks Roundup.!!

                                                        Hey guys were gonna talk about the upcoming Iphone 8.It is one of the most anticipated Smart phones of 2017 and the wait is about to end the following month.We are gonna look at all the news and leaks we have right now.

Release dates

According to latest news from various online sources.The dates are,

Reveal  - September 12
Preorder starts on - September 15
Release date  - September 22

Rumored Specs.

  • Apple A11 processor with 10nm design.
  • Virtual home button with haptic feedback.
  • Slimmer bezels .
  • Longer power button.
  • Wireless charging.

  • Infrared sensor to allow facial recognition even at night and low light.
  • 3D facial recognition, smart camera improved scene and object detection .
  • Support for augmented reality apps.
  • 4 GB of ram.
  • Haptic feed back engine.

  • OLED screen for the first time.
  • Upto 512GB of storage.
  • Iris scanner.
  • Ios 11.
  • Fast charging.

  •  And there is also news that  the new Iphone will support the apple pencil.which will be awesome.

Bad stuff.

  • No headphone jack .
  • Price .
  • Lack of  a 32GB varient .

Available Storage Options.

There are three storage options available and  there is no 32 GB varient this time......

64 GB      for   999    USD
256 GB    for  1099   USD
512 GB    for  1199   USD

 Well That's All We Have For you ..........

                  We'll have to wait till September 12 to actually see if all the rumors are real  and see what apple has got this time.So what do you guys think about the new Iphone is it gonna smash the smart phone market .What are the features you would like to have in it .Do let us know in the comment section below.Thanks for visiting............see you next time ✌✌😉😉


             All the news and images provided are from third party sources and websites .There for we cannot guarantee  the accuracy of any of the details provided above.


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