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Sunday, 20 August 2017

What's Rooting !!! And Why You Should Root Your Device?

    Hi guys in this tutorial we are gonna discuss about rooting your android phone and  all the things

related to rooting.This tutorial is intended for noob's in android so all the technical stuff are explained

 and the entire tutorial is made as simple as possible.

Important terms that should understand Before rooting.

  •  Roms - Android os are called as roms they are of two kinds,

techmidroid rom

  •  Stock roms are provided by manufacturers this is the rom that came with your phone another 

example would be miui from xiaomi or  vibe ui  from lenovo.
techmidroid lineage os
  Custom rom are made by individuals or groups a good example is lineage os(former

cyanogen),Resurrection Remix os .


Recovery - recovery is  used to mange your rom.They are of two types,
techmidroid twrp
  •  Stock recovery is the recovery that come with your phone his recovery apply's  official 
          update and cannot have advanced features like flashing custom rom's or wiping cache .
techmidroid twrp

  •   Custom recovery is the one you would install on your phone to get extended features like 
installing new roms, taking full backup of your data , wiping dalvik cache etc.like twrp or cwm .
techmidroid twrp

Flashing - in android flashing is same as installing something on your phone for example  flashing a 

rom means installing a new os on your phone or flashing a recovery means installing a new recovery 

on your phone .
techmidroid android handcuffed

Rooting - Process of unlocking your phone form software based restrictions this is totally  different 

supersu techmidroid
Superuser - Superusers are apps that handles root permissions for you .so that every app on your 

phone doesnt have superuser permission and also it notifies when an app requires root access. The most popular android superuser app is the SuperSU from chainfire.
techmidroid bootloader

Bootloaders - Anything that has an os has a bootloader what bootloaders do is check whether your os

is is official as loads it into the ram.

techmidroid warning

Unlocking Bootloader - an unlocked bootloader is essential if you are planning to use custom roms 

since always  at the start the bootloader checks whether the os is official.
techmidroid brick


Bricked device -  It stands for  that has broke during the process of rooting . A bricked device is useless.
  •  Soft brick  -  It usually happens when you try to flash an os that isn't compatible with your 
  •  Hard brick - Hard brick devices are literally non usable this happens due to hardware failure 
            which can be only solved by repairing or replacing the broken hardware.

Some stuff you should know before rooting your phone

techmidroid android
  • The process of rooting is different for every device due to hardware and software variations.

  • Rooting voids your warranty.
  • Rooting if not done properly can brick your device so always do your research before trying to
          root your device.


 What is rooting ?

techmidroid phone unlocked
                  Rooting in one word could be defined as unlocking your phone from all the software 

based restrictions that your device manufacturer has placed in the os.

Why root your device?
android root

                  Well you can bypass all the software based  restrictions placed by your manufacturer and

became the real boss of your phone some of the stuff you can do after rooting your phone are,
  •  Remove bloatwares that came preinstalled on your phone  which are useless and wastes

           battery and memory working as background procesess.
  •  Install  apps that requires root access like xposed , greenify or afwall.

  • Install custom recovery and custom roms which are better than your stock rom like

          lineage or resurrection remix.
  • Install custom kernels that allows overclocking and underclocking of your cpu.
  • Take full backup of your phone incase of an issue which can save you a lot of time using your
          custom recovery or apps likeTtitianium backup.


How we are able to get root  ?

dirty cow techmidroid kernel exploit
                                                             Rooting is done by using exploits and tricks which uses back 

doors in the android kernel or os so technically you are hacking your own phone.

How to get root access ?

                 The process of rooting a phone is different for each devices out there so you might want to 

look at tutorial for your specific device . There are a lot of websites that you can find info about

 rooting your specific device but make sure that it is legit.I would recommend checking out xda-

One click root procesess for android

       There are one click root options available like kingoroot and kingroot which simplifies the

 process of rooting your phone. but these apps doesn't support all the devices.
techmidroid sign

Stuff you should do before rooting any device.

  • Take full backup of your phone in case something goes wrong.

  • Charge your phone fully if possible cause you don't want your phone to die while you are rooting.

techmidroid wrong

Stuff you should not do.

  • Make sure you visit websites which provide legit info.

  • Always read tutorials in full before trying it.cause acting stupid can brick  your device.

  •  Never try out root tutorials intended for other devices

 Never give superuser permissions to apps that that you don't know or you don't trust cause apps with 

superuser permission can literally do anything on your phone like spy on you or send your private 

info like photos to someone else which is not something you would want.
                    So that's an overview of rooting and everything that associated with it .If you guys have

 any kind of doubts or questions you can hit me up in the comments.I'll try reply as fast as 

possible.Thanks for visiting....😊😊



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