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Saturday, 2 September 2017

The Essential Phone! Worth The Hype?


  Hello guys today we are gonna discuss about the Essential phone which is the first phone from the company Essential .There was a lot of hype about this device and finally it is available for purchase from amazon and also from Essential's official website.


About The Company.

      Essential phone is manufactured by the company essential products this company is owned by Andy Ruben the co-father of android.



  •  Snapdragon 835 processor,octa-core,2450 mhz clock.
  • Adreno 540 GPU.
  • 4 GB of ram.

  • 5.7 inch quad HD display with 19:10 aspect ratio,1312 x 2560 resolution.
  • Dual 13 MP camera with F1.9 aperture. one RGB and another monochrome.
  • 8 MP front camera.
  • 4K recording at 30 fps.

  • 128 GB of internal storage.No SD card supported.
  • 3040 mAH battery.Non Removable.
  • USB C.

Important features.

                          The phone is made of Titanium at the side and Ceramic at the back so it is a durable phone and a couple of drops should be fine.The phone supports modules which can be attached to the back side of the phone via magnets power for the modules will be transferred via metal pins at the back and data will be transferred wireless.This is not a new feature we have seen Motorolla do this with moto z and moto mods.Currently the device only has one available module which is a 360 degree camera . The device has a clean user interface which is fast and buttery smooth so stock android lovers will defenitlly love this phone.Also this phone might be the first phone to get android 8 update after the google pixel and Nexus.The included accessories are all of high quality .The included charger and USB-C to headphone jack adapter has braided cable which is good to have.

The 360* Camera Module.


                             The 360* camera is now available now to buy.The module can be simply attached to the back of the phone.It sticks firmly via magnets.And  you can have 360* camera functionality in your phone.

Available Designs.


  • Black Moon.
  • Pure White.
  • Stellar Grey.
  • Ocean Depths.


  • No headphone jack.😭
  • Camera is not good when compared to other flagships
  • No wireless charging.
  • No water resistance.
  • No Micro-SD card support.
  • Only 128 GB memory option available.


                            The essential phone is as awesome device.It is priced around 700 USD .The problem is that at this price point there are other phones which are better and offers much more features like a headphone jack,wireless charging,water resistance etc . The best android phones like the galaxy S8 and many other flagship phone are at this price range and offers much more.And ditching the headphone jack was a bad move from the company .Why does everyone has to follow apple.
                              So what do you guys think about the Essential phone.Would you buy this phone.Do let us know in the comments below .Thanks for visiting...😉😉

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