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Saturday, 21 October 2017

Be carefull! - Smart Watches is a spyware | Major Security Flaws

SMART WATCHES-Is it is a spyware or not?!..

Smart watches are easy to hack.

Hi guys ,
Todays my post is upto smartwatches. From my news feed i heared about the news that smart watches are easy to hack. What it does and what it actually means. After studying that news i found out some interesting facts that I'm going to share with you.

Okey, first of all i want to explain what the news exactly it is.
Smart watches for kids are a total privacy nightmare - gizmodo
I wanna express my feeling about that expression used "kids". After searching about the news the problem is not for kids only. Person who use smartwatches should aware about the problems.

The report, conducted by the Norwegian Consumer Council (NCC) and European security firm Mnemonic , analyzed four kids' smartwatches-Gator 2, Tinitell, Viksfjord, and Xplora. According the NCC's report, two of the aforementioned devices were vulnerable to hackers, affording them the ability to remotely control the apps on the device. Through a breached device, the NCC says a hacker could access information on a child's whereabouts in real-time, uncover their personal information, and even communicate with the child. What's more, one of the devices could allow someone "with some technical knowledge" to discreetly listen to the child's surroundings. Beyond these gross invasions of privacy, the Council said certain key features of these devices-an SOS button and a feature that alerts parents when kids leave virtual boundaries-were unreliable.

The xplore give datas about user informations directly senting to marketer. And we dont know about other watche conpanys logic. It is better to think twice when you buy a smartwatch to your beloved son.
Smartwatches are along come with the gps and some have web connection. So it may means that the device is easy to access other ways it means when the device is hacked the user will be trapped.

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