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Wednesday, 18 October 2017

Future is Al - The future of GOOGLE is AI

I think You guys are waiting for latest technologic innovation from google.
Google this week held its developer conference for 2017, where it teased some of the brand new features coming to its products and services.

Techmidroid- Google AI

Yes here it is the future of google is on artificial intelligence.

But what is this AI first world Google is processing about, how do you define it? And most importantly what does it mean for Google in the post-search world? The answer to all these questions lies within Sundar Pichai's words and the products Google announced yesterday. 

"Since last year, we have been working hard continuing our shift from a mobile first to an AI first world", said Sundar Pichai in his keynote. "We are rethinking all our core products and working hard to solve user problems by applying machine learning and AI." 

Strategies of AI first world

4 atributes are introduced by google ceo sundar pichai in the conference.

  1. AI first world is that people should be able to interact with computers in a way of simplified in nature. 
  2. Computing is going to evolve beyond the phone, be there in many screens, around you when you need it working for you.
  3. Mobile gave us limited context with identity and location and was able to improve your experience significantly. In an AI first world you can have lot more contexts applied thoughtfully
  4.  Software needs to fundamentally change how it works, it should learn and adopt- a key characteristic associated with Artificial General intelligence, which we are less than a decade away from.

Tools of AI first worls

  1. Introducing Cloud TPU
  2. Tensor flow - open platform for machine learning
  3. Cloud machine learning
  4. Kaggle - Community for data science

What about google lens

As a result of the conference google anounced the introduction of their new peoduct google lenses.
Lens isn’t available to consumers yet, but when it does arrive, seriously it will be effective and  useful thus, incredibly popular.

It uses machine-learning to identify real-world objects through your phone’s camera, but that’s just the start of the story.
It can also analyse everything it sees, understand the context, work out where you are, and figure out what you want to do.
As shown by Google, Lens can use optical character recognition to take the username and password from a Wi-Fi router, and instantly connect your phone to that network.
It can also bring up restaurant reviews and details, using GPS location data to instantly work out which branch you’re considering going to.

All you need is just point you lens at right direction

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