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Tuesday, 17 October 2017

Google Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL Revealed

                                                   Hi guys google has revealed their new flagship for this year the google pixel two and the pixel two XL at the google event .It has been around one year after google had released their first phone from the pixel line up.Lets see what google has this year........

google pixel 2 XL techmidroid
                                                          The google pixel 2 XL looks much more pleasing to the eye than the pixel 2 .It has a taller display with slimmer bezels which looks way better when compared to last years pixel phone . There is also a dual speaker system this time which is a very nice addition. The screen is 6 inches quad HD AMOLED panel which is very good. The phone also has IP67 water and dust resistance also there is quick charge which can give up to 7 hours of usage with 15 minutes of charging.
                                                             At the back we have a very  fast finger print sensor .Their is a single camera of 12 MP with f1.4 aperture and OIS. The camera scores very high scores in benchmarks  so it probably is a very good camera. There is also a LED flash with a couple of sensors next to the camera for AR which is kinda cool. a  usb c connector at the bottom and the there is no headphone jack this time.which is really sad.B ut in this phone google introducing its flagship product google AI

google pixel two techmidroid

                                                       The pixel 2 on the other hand to my opinion doesnt look that great the bezels are not that small compared to other flagships and also when compared to the XL .Apart from the smaller full HD screen and the design everything inside is the same for both the phones which is kinda cool.

                                                The google assistant is much improved this time and it can perform high level tasks for you like turning on wifi hotspot or other features on your which was not possible earlier.Now with this feature you can get more out of your google assistant.

Google Assistant music search techmidroid pixel 2

There is a cool new feature associated with google assistant that it listens to the music that is being played next to you which can be handy if you like the music played from a public place and if you want to know which track it was the the google assistant will display it on the lock screen which is very cool and i really love that feature. for this feature to work you will have to enable voice always in the settings.

The camera is not a dual lens camera which is something everyone would expect from a smartphone in 2017  for taking good portrait shots.but google uses software to blur the background which works kinda well.
google pixel camera

 The camera has 12 MP sensor with f1.4 aperture and OIS the camera scores very good results in definity it is better than last year pixel which already had a very good camera.

This time the phone has dual front firing speakers which is  a very nice addition and a lot of people who use smartphones for media consumption will like it on the other hand there is no headphone jack which in ironic i guess.

google pixel two techmidroid
So we think that google pixel is an awesome phone . It works on the google AI .The only flaws are with the design and also the removal of the headphone also there is no wireless charging .The phone is said to be priced about 600 USD which is about what we would what do think about the new google phone.Do let us know in the comments below.

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