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Wednesday, 20 December 2017

Google SNAPSEED Review - Is it is the best photo editor of the year 2017 |App Review

Google SNAPSEED Review - Is it is the best photo editor of the year 2017

Hi Guys
Without an introduction we can look directly into the point that what actually make google snapseed to best photo editing software.

I think you guys reading this post using some photo editing softwares like instagram, photolab, vsco, etc...Some of my friends not yet tried snapseed. So today in this post i'm talking about "what makes snapseed the best".

One thing i noticed may be you guys too noticed that instagram and vsco presents the filtered randomly.They're all presented in a horizontal list with seemingly random and unrelated names that don't help me pick one filter among the others.

You guys are probably heard about Clarendon in instagram. And B1, B5 emotions in VSCO.

What these trying to evoke???
why is there no B2, B3, or B4?

Then i discovered the new app Snapseed since 2011. And realised the wonder that can make.
Google Snapseed is a wonderful app that packs in more features than many desktop-mobile photo editors.

On top of the usual cropping and rotation tools, it also includes settings that allow you to adjust depth of field, perspective (ideal for compensating for distortion created by your phone camera’s fixed lens), brightness and curves.

One of Snapseed's most noteworthy options is Expand, which extrapolates what the area surrounding the subject might look like and uses this data to make the canvas larger – kind of similar to Photoshop’s Content Aware Fill. It works best on images shot against a mostly plain or abstract background.

Snapseed is also useful for selfies and other portrait photos. It has a handy tool that recognizes faces in pictures and enables you to subtly change the direction they're facing. The app can also identify and brighten faces automatically.

Snapseed comes with a sequence of filtered and they which means the crew of snapseed makes video lectures that how to use the filters also...

1. You can use Snapseed in landscape mode, which you can't do in Instagram or VSCO.

2. You get manual editing options when you press the circular white editing button on the bottom right.

3. You also get preset filters when you scroll down, which are organized by general categories. It helps guide you to certain filters if you have a specific effect in mind.

4. You have more control and effects on Snapseed rather than in Instagram and VSCO


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