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Monday, 23 October 2017

Hack Any Saved Passwords | Chrome/Firefox/Others

     So you think it's safe keeping your password saved in web browsers, that no one can't access it? You have got a laptop that you consider as your personal possession, so you save all these passwords when the browser ask you to do so. You do believe no one can't access these passwords even if it's saved, only they could see is some asterisks. It's a great relief that you don't posses the stress of remembering and retyping these stuffs again and again. 

But what happens in the background? How do the browsers remember these passwords? Are they encrypted? You see these asterisks and you believe they are some sorta protected from naked eyes, but is it? 

Passwords and other related informations are stored in cookies inside the browser. But you can't simply check what's inside a password cookie to get the password, and that's what browsers does. Whenever you login with the saved credentials these cookies are being loaded into the browser: So the browser can read it! You can google more about how these stuffs actually works, let's heat up.

You're in your friend's PC/Laptop and you see some of the logins are saved inside or you wanna check is there any, and you wanna get it. But you've got no much time. It should be done before he/she arrives. The only thing you've got yourself is a pendrive, but that's too time consuming searching for all these cookies, if your friend uses a couple of browsers each for a different website, and getting them. 

There's this handy software called WebBroserPassView with which you can easily import all those saved passwords along with the usernames from any of the browsers (Chrome/Firefox/Explorer/Opera). You just need to simply carry this WebBroserPassView in your pendrive, run it in the system and that's it. You can either save them in a file or memorize it, your choice. Your friend comes back to get his laptop but it's too late. You have got all you need. You could download latest version of WebBrowserPassView from the below link. 


Hope you guys enjoyed this post. Feel free to drop your suggestions and queries in the comment box below. Have a good day.

Download Link: WebBrowserPassView 

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