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Monday, 9 October 2017

[Review] iPhone 8 : Why Did Apple Even Make This?

          Hey, how's it going? Techmidroid here. And with us are two phones, the Apple iPhone 8 and the 8 Plus. And if these were the only two phones that Apple put out this year, this post would be a lot easier because we would just give you our honest opinion on these phones, and we'd be done. But that's just not the case. The iPhone X is out and it makes it difficult to give you an honest opinion on these things because there's a bigger and better phone.

Techmidroid- iPhone 8

So okay we're  going to talk about these phones about the things we like and dislike about it, and then we'll get into a more meta-discussion at the end< in other words we're gonna review it. The things to like the most about these phones, just three big ones.

The first is wireless charging. Now, wireless charging is one of those things where you only start to appreciate when you've used it a lot and we're  surprised Apple took so long to stick it into their phones. But it's finally here. See the thing is with cables like, finding the cable, sticking it into the slot, and charging your phone that way, there's something about that extra step of like plugging your phone in that's enough to dissuade everybody around the world to leave their phones half charged very often. Having wireless charging pads is really convenient.

Techmidroid- iPhone 8 wireless charging

The thing is wireless charging isn't cheap. Apple didn't include one in the box, you have to buy them. And they're like 20,30 bucks at the mid-tier, and then goes up to 50-60.

The iPhone 8 processor- A11 Bionics. It benchmarks incredibly fast on multimode stuff. Now, whether or not it really matters, if you look at any of the phones that this thing beats on that chart, those phones are still super fast. The actual UI feels really smooth on any of these phones. But where this thing do start to make a difference is with Augmented Reality stuff. So that's a very processor heavy application, any kind of AR thing.


 It's cool but it's not superusefull as we may find many applications that does the AR thing.

The last feature to be discussed in the iPhone 8 is the camera, and this was way better than it expected to be. So, Apple's cameras are always pretty good, but last year, the iPhone 7, that camera, wasn't as impressive as the Pixel's camera, or the cameras on the Samsung phones. The studio effects on the 8 Plus are pretty cool, and again the tech is impressive.

So those are the 3 main features about the iPhone 8 that are found important. The camera, the wireless charging, and the new processor.

So now it's time to move on to the dislikes on iPhone 8. And the first one, is the design. It's a very long running design. This is year 4 of this shape. And it's the longest running design that Apple has had on an iPhone.

The second thing is the cost of all accessories. But this is Apple, they love selling accessories, but this time around, it's an extra bitter pill to swallow. Because this phone supports fast charging, but they only include a regular wall brick. You've to buy a different adapter and a separate cable to take advantage of fast charging.

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