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Tuesday, 24 October 2017

[Solved] Trackpad Not Working | Does Your Laptop Trackpad Suck? Upgrade it for Free!

    Hey, how's it going? Techmidroid here. So this is a post that's not one of our regular kind. It's about something that has plagued Windows laptops for a really long time. It's this issue that keeps popping up here and there, and it doesn't matter if your laptop is new or old, or expensive or cheap, it doesn't matter, because you will still have this issue.

Touchpad Not Working Lenovo                       
Mouse Pad Not Working Windows 10
Touchpad Not Working Toshiba
Touchpad Not Working Dell

HP Laptop Touchpad Not Working
Touchpad Not Working Asus
Touchpad Not Working HP
Touchpad Not Working Windows 7

It's the trackpad. There are Windows laptops out there, lots of them, that have really crappy trackpads, and that boils down to one thing, Software. If you have great hardware, glass surface, great button mechanics but, It's got crappy software, It's running Elan drivers!

And, if you're one of those laptop owners that's running something with an Elan driver or Synaptics driver, you're not having a good time with the trackpad. At least, you can have a better time with the trackpad using Windows Precision drivers.

And this post explains how to put those drivers onto your existing laptop. So first you have to figure out whether your laptop is running Elan drivers or Synaptics drivers, and to do that, you just go to Control Panel Check out the Device Manager and you'll be able to see what you're running. And if you're not running either one of those two, you're either running Windows Precision drivers already, or you're running something weird that this article can't help you with. Okay, once you have figured which one you have, either Elan or Synaptics, you download one of the two files that are linked at the end of this post. One is for people with Synaptics trackpads, and the other's for the people with Elan trackpads, and depending on which one you have, you just download the appropriate one. But in case you're wondering both of these files are actually from Lenovo; they weren't meant for this kind of "hack" that we're doing. They were meant for something else obviously. But, it worked perfectly for this kind of replacement of the Synaptics or Elan trackpad drivers. So, once you have the file, you extract it by either running the "exe" or unzipping it, and it will place all the files into a folder called "Drivers" in a route, and then you go into your Device Manager again, right-click your trackpad whether it is the Elan one or Synaptics one, and then you go "Update driver", "Browse my computer" Choose "Let me pick" and then click on "Have disk". Now if you have a laptop with Elan driver, you go for the "ETD.inf" file. And for the laptops with Synaptics trackpad, choose the Synaptics driver. So basically, you're replacing the existing drivers on your laptop, whether they be Elan or Synaptics, and you're replacing them with Windows 10 Precision touchpad drivers which are SO MUCH better, and the biggest difference you'll notice is, I mean tracking is smooth.


  • Figure out which type of trackpad you have in Device Manager
  • Download one of these files from Lenovo

Elan Trackpads : Download

Synaptics Trackpads : Download

  • Run the downloaded file to extract the contents to - C:/Drivers

  •  In Device Manager - Right click Elan Touchpad or Synaptics Touchpad

  • Click on Update Driver - Browse my computer - Let me pick - Have Disk

  • For Laptops with Elan drivers choose ETD.inf

  • For Laptops with Synaptics drivers choose SynPD.inf

  • Reboot

  • Done!

Laptops that this has worked on:
  • Razer Blade Stealth
  • Razer Blade 14

  • Some Hp Envy devices
  • Some HP x360 devices
  • Most Hp Pavillion devices

  • Most new Asus Gaming Laptops running Elan drivers
  • Most Dell Inspiron devices

Tracking is just much more accurate with Windows Precision drivers. But the big one is gestures being able to use the Windows 10 gestures both accurately and reliably makes the trackpad so much better. Okay, before you run off to do this, I need to leave a couple kind of disclaimers with you. First, you do this at your own risk. I've obviously tested this on many computers probably 40, maybe 50 laptops, and for the laptop that has worked on, they have been great. But for the ones it didn't work on, they exploded. No, for the ones that didn't work on, the drivers just won't update. Windows will be like, "Sorry bud, we can't take these drivers," and that's the end of that. But the other thing you have to keep in mind is that, you can't let Windows overwrite your new drivers with like an automatic Windows update. That's very, very annoying, because sometimes you won't even know that it is updated. And all of the sudden, the trackpad's gone back to its old, disgusting self, and you'll have to figure out that.

Hey, it's because Windows overwrote it and you'll have to redo the process, so you just need to make sure that you're downloading the appropriate update. You don't wanna download something that's like, the new Elan, or the new Synaptics driver. You wanna avoid those and, the other thing to keep in mind is that, if you want to, you should probably backup or find a backup of your old existing drivers in case if you wanna revert back to them, so go to your manufacturer Download that driver in advance before you do any of this stuff, before you try.

Okay, hope you guys enjoyed this article! I really hope this was helpful because... This has existed for probably over a year kinda, it's gone better over time especially with the new Lenovo driver that's just recently came out like maybe, two to three weeks ago, it's way better now.

This works on a lot of laptops, enjoy.

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