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Sunday, 15 October 2017

[Update] WhatsApp Group Voice Calls: Get on Conference with Whatsapp

Hey out there, Techmidroid here. This time with a sensational news on what's WhatsApp working with.
This is a fast article to inform you about a new internal WhatsApp project to implement in the next updates.

WhatsApp Group Voice Call- Techmidroid

Note that these references we found are very strong (but they aren’t visible for you at present) and they have allowed us to understand what WhatsApp is going to add in the application. 

GROUP VOICE CALLS will be one of the next features!
Unfortunately there is actually nothing that we can show you as above mentioned, seen that WhatsApp is internally  working on it, but when WhatsApp will add something more that will be possible to show, we will immediately publish all screenshots and information.
We can already tell that, seen that this feature requires a lot of development, it will be available for the next year, so don't expect too much to see this feature in WhatsApp soon. WhatsApp has other priorities right now, for example the imminent recall release.
Note that we talk about a feature only when we are 100% sure.

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