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Sunday, 22 October 2017

ZTE Axon M | Phone with 2 Screens!

Whats up people today we are going to take a look at the new  ZTE Axon M  which is the first  dual screen smartphone from ZTE. This is a unique smartphone with dual screens and implemented in a useful way which does not feel like a gimmick at all .So should you consider buying one...Stick here to find out.....
zte axon m techmidroid
       So initially when you look at the Axon m it feels like a regular smartphone which wont amaze you in any way with it's looks .It is similar to every other smartphone in the market .There is a 20 MP camera on top with flash and speaker next to it and that is  it .The top and the bottom bezels are pretty big for a flagship in 2017 .But after you unfold the second screen it is a different story .Well actually it looks like two phones placed next to each other .The bezel in the middle is not very small so it might be a problem for some people. It is more like a dual monitor setup that we normally do with our pc's for productivity  purposes .I really wish the bezel  in the middle were smaller  which  would have made a huge difference.But this dual screen phone is first of its kind and i think  we might be seeing this in more smartphones in the future . Did you ever wish having more screen size  on your smartphone .Well actually i have .Our phones are getting more powerful  everyday and lots of productivity based apps are being  developed for the android market so with more power and useful applications the only think i think i need is more screen.Well , you should probably be thinking why cant you get a tablet then.The thing is that tablets are very hard to carry around in your pocket.It is really hard to use a tablet like a regular phone for day to day uses.The answer for all these problems i think is the Axon - m it can comfortably sit in your pocket.It can give double the screen when you need it without affecting portability.

So there are two screens on this phone but what can you do with it.ZTE has added  a couple of modes into the phone software so that you would be able to fully use the dual screen features of the phone.

axon m techmidroid
  This mode has the ability to run two apps at the same time on both of the screens.It actually is similar to the split screen functionality in normal android devices but instead of apps on top and bottom like regular split screen you can have two of your apps open on two different screens without resizing anything so it is a full app experience.Most of the app should support this feature considering most of the apps in google play now supports the split screen functionality.So what is the need to run two apps at the same time.Well for example if you are a student and likes to take notes on the phone from the internet  you can have your browser on a screen and your note app on your other screen which will be really useful  since you don't want to switch between apps to do this on the Axon-m.
Another thing would be having your favorite messenger app on one screen and the show you are watching on the other screen so you don't need to switch between apps to chat with your friends while you are watching your favorite show.So there are a lot of possibilities with this mode.

zte axon m  techmidroid
           The second one is the extended mode which enables an app to stretch across two screens  with both screens you will get a total of 6.75 inches which is like a tablet .With this mode you can view your videos in a larger screen size .Also you can stretch your games to fill both of your screens which is cool. Most of the apps should support this feature without no problems . But  we did not test this so we cannot guarantee anything so you will have to take ZTE 's word for it.

axon m techmidroid
            Third one is the mirror mode which like it say lets you mirror you current screen. Simply put your phone in mirror mode and fold and place it on a table so two people can view it from two different sides which is also a neat feature.
axon m techmidroid
          So this is  the regular smartphone part so this of course uses only the main display and turns off the secondary screen it is easy to hold in hands and suitable for all kinds of daily  needs like calling, texting and other good stuff.


  • Display's - 5.2 inch 1920*1080 with corning gorilla glass 5  .
  • Processor -Snapdragon 821, 2.5 GHZ quad core.
  • RAM - 4 GB .
  • OS - ANDROID 7.1.
  • BATTERY - 3180 mAh.
  • Qualcomm quick charge 3.0 .
  • Expandable memory upto  256 GB.
  • Fingerprint Sensor Integrated Into Power Button.
  • Dolby Atmos Audio .
  • Headphone jack .
  • 20 MP Camera For Both  Rear and Selfi.
zte axon m techmidroid

               So we think that the ZTE Axon is an awesome device.It might not win any awards for its looks or it is not going to impress you with its specs .The important thing about this device is the idea of dual screen.We welcome this and we look forward to see improved versions of this in a more useful way. What we like to see is smaller bezels and bigger battery size cause two screens are definitely  going to use a lot of battery. Also this phone lags a lot when used in dual screen mode probably due to lack of optimization or something else .Whatever the problem is the phone is not that smooth in terms of usage this might be fixed with software updates in the future but we will have to see.So what do you guys think about  this device.Would you buy one.... let us know in the comments below...........Thanks for visiting ..😊😊

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