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Tuesday, 12 December 2017

Razer Phone [Review] | Smartphone Built For GAMERS.

Whats up people ,so we all know that razer bought the company nexbit recently .Their nexbit robin was an interesting phone which had the idea of a phone with unlimited storage .But due to some reason the phone was'nt a success and the company was later bought by razer .Razer being a well known in the gaming industry used the nexbit to create something unique.A gaming smartphone.Razer recently launched their new and first flagship named the raze phone which is a gaming oriented smartphone . This phone has the best in class hardware that can play any of your titles with ease. The android gaming is expanding everyday and razer has used this opportunity well. So how well does the phone do .Lets find out..........

Razer phone techmidroid

The android gaming field  is growing lots of games are available and lot more are being developed everyday so it is important that we have capable hardware for smooth game play .Razer has created just that .A smartphone built with gamers in mind.This phone has the best hardware you can get right now.It has a 120 HZ screen for buttery smooth game play .This is the first in any android smartphone.Recently the ipad pro  was launched with a 120HZ screen which a lot of people liked but in android razer has done it first. We have a snapdragon 835  with adreno 540 which is the latest and greatest chipset right now also you have 8 gigs of ram which is more than enough for android games unless you play four or five  games at the same time.😁

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  • Snapdragon 835
  • 8 GB LPDDR4  Dual channel
  •  64 GB internal and expandable upto 2 TB
  •  5.7 inch  1440*2560 ,120HZ , Corning Gorilla Glass 3.
  • Dual  12MP Rear Cameras  with f1.75 and f2.6
  • 8 MP f2.0 front camera

razer phone techmidroid

    The main thing about the phone definitely is the screen .This phone has a 5.7 inch 120 HZ screen  which is first in any android smartphone .The panel is an EXO panel which razer uses with their gaming laptops  With games as we all know more frames is better and we all give importance to more frames over resolution whether its a pc or a phone. Scrolling through UI feels buttery smooth due to the 120HZ screen and also due to the capable hardware.There is an options in the settings to adjust the frame rate to either 30,90 or 120 HZ .On default the phone is set to  90 HZ  to save battery .The phone does not refresh at 120 HZ all the time it adjusts the frame rates depending on what you are doing to save some battery.The phone has a 4000 mAh battery which is awesome .

Razer phone techmidroid

                    On the front we have a large 5.7 inch screen with a max refresh rate of 120HZ  and a resolution of 1440*2560 which is pretty good for a phone .There are two speakers on top and bottom which is an excellent addition and the audio quality is pretty good .Front firing speakers are best for media consumption and for gaming as you are not going to cover the speakers with your hands.But you don't get a headphone jack with this phone which is kinda sad. But you will get a USB C to 3.5mm adapter which you will have to get along with or use a Bluetooth headset .The DAC is THX certified and is said to deliver high quality audio with high impedance headphones.The build quality is very good and is same as the razer blade stealth laptops which has got excellent build quality .The finger print sensor with power button is integrated into the same key which  works very well .The sensor is fast and the location is also very good.The razer logo doesnt light up like we have seen with razer blade stealth laptops .But there is a limited edition available with green color razer logo.but the normal color is grey. which has a stealthy look.

razer phone techmidroid

  So as we all know a phone that is good for gaming definitely does daily stuff  better so this is a great phone for normal usage if not for gaming .This  phone gives you the best hardware and best software.The snapadragon 835 with 8 GB of ram is the best you can get right now .Also the software on this phone is very clean and near to stock android there are no bloatware and UI feels clean  this will improve the performance of the phone without affecting any features.The stock launcher is the nova launcher which is a very popular launcher among android users including me. overall the software experience is pretty good.

So we think the razer phone is an awesome device for normal folks  as well as for gamers .It has a battery that would last you a day  .It has the best  hardware .The best build quality that matches every other flagship out there. Buttery smooth screen which is bright with good color accuracy.The phone is priced at 699 USD. So what do you think would you buy a razer phone .Do let us know in the comment section below.Thanks for visiting .....😎😎

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