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Wednesday, 20 December 2017

The New Girl at Techmidroid

  20 minutes to 2.00, damn it's gonna get crazy I was late again. The lab was scheduled at 1.20 and it would be a get out. He was a typical character, unpredictable nature, and that heavy sack of sarcasm over his shoulders. When it comes to students he was a monster and a saviour at times and the most feared person. Allah's sake he was not there. That gained me some strength and I moved to the chair at the end. The lab was long enough that you can hid sitting at the end without getting noticed. Some unseen shades of bright colours seemed to be dashing around the faces sitting infront of those dark colored machines.


What happened then?What does it costs for a gmail password? It's something unavoidable for Some and for others it's just a name to sign up for Facebook. The day I was compromised, I remember. I was about a minute away from my system and it was his call to login to my gmail. Looking at my screen gmail was loaded and I put down my credentials. And that was the beginning. Accounts were compromised one by one, gmail, drive, photos, adsense, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram-all those socials and everything except which are not linked to Google. 

My search history came to be public,all those passwords saved to Google and things that I didn't even knew existed. 

So where did I go wrong? Was it about the weak password! I was phished I realized and that was my lack about stuffs.

What happened then?

Read this article to know how I got compromised.

What does Google have on you?

  • Passwords you use on websites that are saved to google.

  • Search History- Google, Search and Download history-Play Store, Watch history-YouTube.

  • Apps with account access.

  • Files saved to Google Drive.

  • Photos uploaded to Google Photos(Probably your entire Gallery).

How strong your Google password should be?

Google rates your password on a scale of very weak to strong based on how it's vulnerable for a guess. So what are the factors that makes a password easier to get cracked!

Keyword Combination and Length (Permutations And Combinations)

With a few calculation examples we will try to show how the length of a password and the number of characters interact in regard to a password's safety. In the following examples, we calculate with 2 billion keys per second, which a single high-performance computer might approximately manage.

When creating a password you have the following characters which you can use:

Numbers (10 different ones: 0-9)

Letters (52 different ones: A-Z and a-z)

Special Characters (32 different ones).

Password consists of 5 characters : (3 lower case letters, 2 numbers)

Possible combinations: 36^5= 60,466,176

Maximum Time needed for cracking:60,466,176 / 2,000,000,000 = 0.03 seconds

Password consists of 7 characters: (1 upper case letter, 6 lower case letters)

Possible combinations: 52^7= 1,028,071,702,528

Maximum Time needed for cracking: 1,028,071,702,528 /2,000,000,000 = 514 seconds = approx, 9 minutes

Password consists of 8 characters: (4 lower case letters, 2 special characters, 2 numbers)

Possible combinations: 68^8= 457,163,239,653,376

Maximum Time needed for cracking: 457,163,239,653,376 / 2,000,000,000 = 228,581 seconds = approx, 2,6 days

Password consists of 9 characters: (2 upper case letters, 3 lower case letters, 2 numbers, 2 special characters)

Possible combinations: 94^9= 572,994,802,228,616,704

Maximum Time needed for cracking: 572,994,802,228,616,704 / 2,000,000,000 = 286,497,401 seconds = approx, 9,1 years

Password consists of 12 characters: (3 upper case letters, 4 lower case letters, 3 special characters, 2 numbers)

Possible combinations: 94^12= 475,920,314,814,253,376,475,136

Maximum Time needed for cracking: 475,920,314,814,253,376,475,136 / 2,000,000,000 = 237,960,157,407,127 seconds = approx, 7,5 million years.

Does that make some sense?

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