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Thursday, 21 December 2017

[Christmas Special] The Real Frank Abagnale Speaks up.

  You might have heard of Frank Abagnale Jr. and most of them have watched "Catch Me If You Can". A 16 year old kid who escaped from his parents in the early 60's came up as a pilot of Pan Am Airlines.

Travelled around the world with his fraudulent badge and uniform, around 250+ flights within the couple of years. Successfully forged billions of dollars worth of checks while posing as a Pan Am Pilot, a doctor and a legal prosecutor. Impersonated as Physician, Attorney, Teaching Assistant and Pilot.
Movie link: Download
Wikipedia: Frank Abagnale Jr.

The real Frank Abagnale is talking

 Let's watch a video that's worth your living in 2017. By the time you finish it, you would have blown up your mind in many directions - from how easy it was / is / will be to get away with security systems, how difficult to create a credential cloud around you,  how precious a family upbringing is and how complicated the modern life is going to turn within just another five years etc.

Greeting Christmas is too mainstream and this is how we wish you. Happy Christmas.

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