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Saturday, 23 December 2017

What is NEXT? | Overview of techworld of 2017

Digital trends of 2018

 I think 2017 was amazing?. 2017 was the year that brings so many innovative products to the market with the affordable efficient rates. 2017 have the important technological breakthroughs that changed how we lived, worked and play.
lets take a look over the trends expected to change the world in 2017


let us look to the tech trends that shaped 2017

1. Digital currency

Of course , yes we can take digital currencies as the top of the list.block chain is the one of the most emerging technological concept that shaped 2017. Technologists are talking about block chain for more than 6-7 years. But late last year and earlier this year tech enthusiasts started using the enormous potential application of the block chain technology. It can be easily verified by the surge in bitcoin price, which the cyptocurrency fueled by the block chain architecture. Its unlikely growing up forever. thats the effectiveness of blockchain technology and its faith in consumers.

2. Internet of things

From the starting of the year it take its on position on the tech trends. Everything is getting smart and smarter. Wherever you are, you are continously interacting with smart technology. While you are at home, office, Work or at shopping you are enclosed with control of things that connected with the internet.Smart Watch can take as an example.

3. Machine Learning

We can proudly say that 2017 is revolutionary year of the machine language. All the platforms are adopting this technology. It make a profession better profession. Recently Apple launched machine learning for the iOS apps. Machine learning makes massive progress in 2017. Consider the Google Alpha Go program which is beaten the human go player.

4.Smart Speakers

Are you still among the minority?
Smart speakers have introduced new methods of interacting with technology,relying on voice commands and responses. Recently Microsoft introduced their smart speaker invoke.

5. Intelligent Assistance

 This year is of the Artificial intelligence and intelligent assistance. In this year almost all top brand introduced their most talented intelligent assistance to this tech world. Among those Iphone's Siri, Windows Cortana and Google Assistance take the top position because of its performance

6. Artificial Intelligent

One of the most emerged technology in this year is Artificial intelligence. Smart Speakers are worked on this technology. It is clear on the post future of AI . Googles future is on the Artificial intelligence.

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