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Sunday, 28 January 2018

TOP 5 Things You Should do After You buy Your New Android Smartphone.

 Android phones are very popular for their customizability You can totally customize your phone to your taste with ease ,This is the beauty of android your phone, your way ,So today we are going to look at top five things that you can do  to your android phone in order to make your phone look awesome . All the stuff listed below are things that i always do when i get a new phone.....most of it can be performed by anybody but some of it requires you to be little bit more geeky.😀



Bloatwares are apps that came pre-installed on your new smartphone which you have totally no use for .This apps are installed either by the phone manufacturer or if you bought the phone via a contract from carrier then they most probably would install their apps on the phone and also sometimes 3 rd party apps for money. So all together your phone probably will have tons of garbage in it.Uninstalling them can save valuable memory space and also could save battery. You can uninstall an app by going to the settings > applications .There are also other ways like disabling apps which will stop the app from working unless you enable which is also a good way to forget about those apps.But do keep in mind that some manufacturers lock you from uninstalling these apps by installing them into the system directory which will need require root permissions to access. If you don't know what root is check this link where we have explained everything about rooting your android smartphone.By rooting your phone you can pretty much uninstall every app that you want to but keep in mind that this might void your warranty .But if you really want to free your phone from all the bloatware that came with it this is the way to go .



nova launcher techmidroid

  Launcher is a big party of your android smartphone you will definitely need it to access all your apps .You will be using your launcher more that you using any other app on your android smartphone  so a launcher can affect your overall experience on your phone so it is very important you have a very good launcher which is smooth  ,easy to use and offers a lot of customization options.Installing a third party launcher over the current launcher will improve your overall user experience some phone have good stock launcher like miui which offers lots of  options some may love and some may hate it .I am on the hater side.My personal preference is NOVA launcher .I have tried a lot of launchers but i go back to this launcher every single time.NOVA launcher will look like a stock google launcher but offers lots of customization's .like app icons , themes ,and lot more..... .If you are not a fan of nova launcher then you have lots of options left like which you try for free from the play store.

        Third part apps most of the time will have more features that you stock installed apps for gallery ,music ,video player and file manager .Below given are the apps that i probably choose over the stock ones due to how good they are and also due to i am huge fan of all these apps.


es file explorer techmidroid

  ES file explorer needs no introduction as it is one of the most popular and feature rich file manager that i have ever seen in the android Eco-system.It can do everything you want with a file explorer.It is powerful as the explorer that you see on your pc.It can access network and share files between the network.Also there is a built in root explorer if you need it .The space analyzer is a very good feature to know what all stuff is eating up you memory .Also there are a ton of other features in the browser .So definitely give a try if you haven't already.


mx player techmidroid

  Mx player is a very popular video player and probably you have already have it installed on your phone if not you should try it you will never go back.The easy to use UI and all the features you need to make your video viewing experience the best as possible is there.This player supports all the major codecs ,has online subtitle downloading and many more useful features.


power amp techmidroid


   Power amp is popular among the music loving android users due to the simple ui and tons of options. you can customize your audio the way you want to also this player handles bass really good with very low distortion even with  high volumes.This app gives a 15 day trial on the first install after that you will have to pay to use the player but i think the money is totally worth it.


opera techmidroid


   Nowadays phones probably have google chrome installed among the stock browser chrome is an awesome browser but  most of the time i  prefer opera over chrome cause opera handles web-pages faster on slower connections.If you always have a fast internet connection this wont be an issue for you and chrome or firefox would do , but this is not the case for me and also for a lot of people out there.Also the download manager on chrome is not that great.


rooting phone techmidroid

So this is not  for everybody and involve some risks like warranty issues and rooting every phone is different so you will need to  do some research before performing this step .If you don't know what rooting is check this link where we have explained everything you would want to about rooting .


twrp recovery techmidroid

This step requires a rooted phone with boot-loader unlocked.Custom recovery helps you to flash files and roms which a stock recovery doesn't allow you to. Also you can take a full backup of your rom which can be really usefully if something happens to your phone .Also there are useful options like clear cache and dalvik which can help solve problems that you have with the phone software.


custom roms techmidroid


           Okay this step requires root and also needs a custom recovery on your phone which requires an unlocked bootloader .This is for the folks who don't hate the stock rom that came with the phone .There can be different reasons for choosing custom roms over stock ones .it could be the vast amount of features that custom roms  offers or it could be simply because you hate the rom that you have in your phone.There are lots of custom roms like lineage ,resurrection remix etc .

So that was everything that i do when i get a new phone .Hope you found this useful .What are the things you do when you get a new android phone Do let us know in the comments below .Thanks for visiting .😜

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