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Saturday, 13 January 2018

[Tutorial] How to Connect BigRock Domain to Github?

  So guys, in this tutorial we're going to discuss how to connect a BigRock domain to your GitHub page. I was recently having this issue that I hosted some website in GitHub and was wandering on how to link it with my BigRock domain. Google showed up with some answers but it was not worth the search. Finally I managed to get some answers from here and there and now it's up. So lets do this.

From the Scratch  

You get one site per Github account and organization and unlimited project sites. Head over to Github and create a new repository named username.github.io, where username is your username (or organization name) on GitHub. 

The Git Client

Git Clients vary with Operating System. If you're Windows user download and install GitHub for Desktop.

Open GitHub for Desktop, Select clone a repository which will open a window shown below. Under GitHub.com you can find your repositories, select and choose a path where it should be cloned to (If you would like a different location, otherwise default path will be assigned), click Clone.

The repository will be cloned in no time unless there are files inside, creating a folder GitHub in Documents. Copy your website files to Documents>GitHub>Username.github.io, make sure there's a file named index.html (It wont work otherwise). Open GitHub Desktop, you'll see all those files are now shown in the app, put down some name in the Summary (Like MyWebsite) and click on Commit to Master. After it's done click on Publish Branch which will upload these files to GitHub.com.

 Goto GitHub.com and you can see your files under the <>Code Section. 

And you're done. Fire up a browser and go to https://username.github.io.

Setting up a Custom Domain

Under GitHub Pages in Settings find Custom Domain, putdown your domain(example.com) and click Save.

You can find a file named CNAME has been added to your repository.

Goto manage.bigrock.in, sign in with your credentials, find Name Servers under Domain Registration.

Update the Name Servers as dns1.bigrock.in, dns2.bigrock.in, dns3.bigrock.in, dns4.bigrock.in.

 Scroll down the main window, click on Manage DNS under DNS Management which will open a second window where you can add A Records and CNAME.

Here you will need to create three records for your domain: 

- A record for @ pointing to
- A record for @ pointing to

- CNAME record for www pointing to your username.github.io (the username should be replaced with your actual GitHub account username)

And that's it. You're up and running.

Note: It will take 24 to 48 hours for the nameserver propagation to complete. So you'll have to wait.

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  1. Working cool bro...Can you include video tutorial too???