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Wednesday, 19 September 2018

Don't trust Amazon's Alexa or Google Home!

Don't trust Amazon's Alexa or Google Home. Here are several frankly insane patents they've filed over the last five years.

A system for listening in to conversations for keywords, even when you haven't said 'Alexa'. This would target statements like 'I love skateboarding' then store the statement as text, and use the text to target you with skateboard ads.

A method for figuring out your showering habits, and then target ads based on that. Using smart home devices like Google Home, it would figure out like showering at 8am, and target you with Starbucks ads after you finish your shower.

A system for recommending furniture, using smart cameras, it would figure out that some furniture is old or the wrong colour, and recommend new furniture based on this information.

A system for inferring child mischief, using audio and movement sensors, it could figure out that your son is covering himself with peanut butter on the kitchen table, and alert you to such (kinda cool, but creepy).

Google + Amazon:
A system for identifying speakers in a conversation and building interest profiles for them. For example, it would find out that you and your brother are separate people, then figure out you love skateboarding while he loves skiing (better ad targeting).

A system for inserting paid content into responses, you ask Alexa 'restaurants near me' and the local restaurant who paid for ads, would get the recommendation.

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